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Dilator Disclaimer

We strive to provide patients with the information concerning women's vaginal problems, in order to help patients learn about conditions and possible treatments. The information found on this site should in no way be used to diagnose and/or treat a medical condition.  Intimate Restorations, Inc. recommends that you consult a professional Qualified Medical Practitioner for the proper diagnosis and treatment of your condition. We accept no responsibility regarding whether or not you should be using the vaginal dilators.. 

The purpose of Intimate Restorations, Inc. is to provide a resource for women to learn about vaginal problems and how those problems may be countered; however, we also make it very clear that we are not a professional medical organization. We can provide you with information regarding limited issues or problems, but we are unable to guide you about the kind of treatment you really need. Only a professional medical practitioner can tell you whether you need to go through vaginal dilation therapy or not.

Furthermore, before purchasing products from Intimate Restorations, Inc. we strongly recommend that you first consult with a Qualified Medical Practitioner. The products which will be purchased from our website will be delivered along with a copy of the instruction manual; however, for the proper and effective usage of the vaginal products you must follow the instructions you recieve from a qualified medical practitioner.